The Many Faces of Grief

I recently read a post about an adult problem nobody prepared us for and one answer given that caught my attention and well resonated with me was grief. We’ve all experienced grief and the one most known to us is grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief as described by Wikipedia is the response […]

Nursing your HEADSPACE!

Outside their homestead, three girls Aurelia, Alisa and Amber sang their favourite skipping rope rhyme, “babligan babligan number 28 I went for a walk but know I stop underbreak,” their best shot at the song “Public van, public van number 28. I went for a ride but now I stepped on the break.” The children[…..]

FUTILE THOUGHTS: silencing the psychological drama

Don’t let scary psychological drama in the theatre of your mind threaten the beautiful realities at the centre of your life! Thoughts are things. And whereas they cannot be weighed in ounces, the very things they produce can be weighty. By  their thinking one may become limited, through the same, another may break through their limitations. […..]

Who Runs the World? GIRLS? A Case for Emotional Intelligence       

The waves of feminism have shed light to anyone who doubts, that women are equal to the task of taking charge of their own destinies, that of organizations, companies, industries and even countries. And, when such opportunities are not given to them, these powerhouses have also demonstrated beyond any doubt that they can put up[…..]