Emotional Dumping vs Healthy Venting

Emotional dumping and healthy venting are two different ways of expressing emotions and seeking support. While healthy venting can be constructive and beneficial for both the person venting and their listener, emotional dumping tends to be overwhelming and one-sided. Let me share a story to illustrate the differences between the two. Once upon a time, […]

The Neglected Art of Reparenting Yourself

IF YOU ARE LIKE EVERY OTHER CHILD, AND I BET YOU ARE, YOU WERE BORN AT A VERY YOUNG AGE… Little beautiful hands and feet, tiny eyes and a round face that radiated pure love to any observer. Yet with such cuteness, children also come with little coping skills to deal with the real issues[…..]

The Many Faces of Grief

I recently read a post about an adult problem nobody prepared us for and one answer given that caught my attention and well resonated with me was grief. We’ve all experienced grief and the one most known to us is grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief as described by Wikipedia is the response[…..]

Intouch with your emotional world

From the previous article on Psychic Numbness, we referenced the words of psychiatrist F. J. Braceland, that sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep. Further, knowing that silencing our emotions poisons the soul, it is of paramount importance to get on the path to awakening our long forgotten sense expressing our[…..]