Personal & Professional Development

To drive to evolve, improve, push boundaries, to learn, to realise our full potential

Upon visiting a village where manual brick making was one of the things young people did, I learned that the SHAPE OF A BRICK IS AS GOOD AS THE MOULD THAT MADE IT. If the mould has internal defects, they show on the brick …only this time, externally! In personal and professional development terms, the SELF is the MOULD after which your personal, professional, business and social life is shaped. That is why the ‘SELF’ matters. On a need basis, established through time-tested SELF-assessment tools (SATs), we partner with you, and design programs to help you FIND YOUR PERSONAL POWER. We walk with you to DEFINE and REFINE your AUTHENTIC, TRUEST SELF! Setting you on a path to build the requisite capacity to accomplish feats that matter to you personally and professionally, finding fulfillment while at it! The drive to evolve, improve, push boundaries, learn, realise our full potential and maximize our wellbeing, – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, – is a drive innate in every human being.

 We all desire to experience life authentically, truthfully, and more consciously, while applying ourselves to things that we passionately care about. At PDC, we target your natural attributes, personal aptitudes, and unique skills to help you clarify your goals (e.g., through self-awareness, self-mastery, career choice/development/change, creating a personal development plan, personal branding, mentorship, life coaching), identify any obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.
Living a life that expresses your full potential is for those who accept the challenge to continually learn, introspectively identify, and masterfully nurture their true selves; their innate passions, gifts, talents, skills, and courageously craft the life of their dreams at all aspects of their lives.