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About PDC

PDC is an organisation that aims at bringing out the best of Personal and Corporate potential. We believe that human potential is unlimited in scope; our only limitation is our belief in whether or not we can accomplish a thing! We hope to be the spark that initiates and guides people of all walks of life in the path to realizing their full potential, individually and corporately


To be a leading Personal, Professional and Corporate Development and Capacity Building solution provider in Africa and beyond

Empowering individuals and institutions to maximize their latent potential for peak performance

The difference between a small car and a big car is not body size, but engine capacity. The difference between the best and the rest, is something that the best have in mind, that the rest don’t, capacity that within reason, can be acquired by the rest!

Through PDC, I have been able to tap into my passion, making it my profit. I have been able to position myself as a thought leader when it comes to poetry and spoken Word. I have managed to be a servant leader, taking my time every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday to go into the Slums of Mathare, identify Talents and nurture them. Taking the Personal Development Challenge planted a seed in me which became a tree that now produces more seeds and the circle of transformation and making a difference continues

Griffins Ndhine

Poet and Program Manager at Reaction power
Our candidates came back from their retreat refreshed and laser-focused to sit their final exams. The PDC team did a great job to get them in shape to deal with the ever-present exam anxiety.

Otieno Mjomba

Rockfields Academy
I was losing my head after a messy break-up. I was sinking into depression, and losing interest in a job that I so passionately loved. The effects of that on my performance were noticeable, and my boss ‘requested’ me to take a break, as they re-evaluate my performance. A friend of mine who saw my ‘light dim’ recommended Personal Development Challenge. Initially, I was a bit hesitant, but now that I was out of work, I enrolled. The professionalism, energy, and connection at PDC re-ignited my fire. I know better how to live through storms. I have already received two thank you cards after referring my friends.


HR Consultant
I think of courage, because courage is what I lacked, before #PDCtalks. I knew I could speak. I knew I could write. I knew there was a roar inside me, stifled, that needed to crawl up my throat and thunder out; but I sat on my hands, AFRAID. Personal Development Challenge helped me ditch the fear. I am now an author of two books, a writer of compelling fiction, a sought-after content manager, and an orator. Above all, I am an unstoppable force of the universe, able to create!

Lesalon Kasaine

Why Choose us

At The Personal Development Challenge

  • We work uncompromisingly to ensure that our programs are effective for client needs for personal and professional well-being.
  • We transform the leadership and service culture of individuals and institutions by combining innovative frameworks and unique delivery methods.
  • Our capacity-building programs have been tried, tested, and found to inspire, challenge, and empower professionals with the organizational tools and the knowledge needed to increase workplace confidence and performance.
  • We become your partner in growth and one who is fully committed to the development of your human capital and organization.