Corporate training & team building

Shape of a brick is as good as the Mould that made It.
A popular bit of corporate training humour goes something like this:
CFO asks CFO: “What happens if we spend the money to train them and they leave,”
CEO responds: “What happens if we don’t train them and they stay?”
And that is exactly the point for corporate training and team building; you build your personnel, they build your company/organization/institution. You let them stay as they are, your company/organization/institution remains as it is, and with the fast-paced 21century, retrogression soon overtakes stagnation.
Every organization requires effective personnel to thrive. Our corporate training builds human resource capacity to ensure they gain the dynamism required to be influential, and especially in the knowledge economy environment. Our training approaches are designed to mitigate the challenges of the 21-century worker.

We combine the new opportunities that our century presents with unique strategies such as formal and informal learning strategies, as well as short focused content. In a time of information overload, we ensure that our content is practical, applicable, and timely. Our trainings range from personnel well-being (e.g., work-life balance, burnout, emotional intelligence, fit-for-task assessments) to performance improvement strategies.
Further, an individual’s ability to work well in a team has been rated as critically important in the performance of any institution; corporate or otherwise. The nature of interactions in a team affects the nature results of the larger group. To be able to take advantage of the amazing powers of cohesion, synergy and a shared vision, an organization or any other entity should ensure that its people are trained to be team players. This way, the human resource in the organization becomes effective, efficient, productive, and hence highly resourceful. The end result is increased productivity, since team spirit multiplies the efficiency of every member, ensuring that goals and desired outcomes are pegged on the diversity of skills, interests, and efforts. One sure way to ensure that individuals embrace team spirit is through team-building activities.
At PDC, we are known for our LAUGH n’ LEARN corporate training team building activities, carefully and deliberately designed to be fun, and full of memorable corporate lessons, equipping your employees to express their absolute best both in their personal and professional lives!