A brief anatomy of ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACKS


And, the 21st century, uncertainty seems to be its key word. And while I could go about a scholarly discourse about climate change, wars and the uncertainty of the next pandemic, let’s talk about uncertainty a little closer home. The uncertainty about the outcome of an exam, about getting a job, about being competent enough to keep a dream career, do a business, good enough to find and keep love. Uncertainty of how the market responds to YOU; your products and/or services. Uncertain whether time renders you irrelevant, whether your contract gets renewed, whether technology replaces your job, whether over time, you can keep paying your bills, and meeting your financial and other obligations. These uncertainties are okay, even healthy and can push one to revise the current versions of themselves. HOWEVER, externalities get targeted, and rarely, internal wiring; There is need to revisit believes and philosophies that no longer serve one’s current version. Reviewing past conditioning, and committing to actively create the conditions one wants.

SLOWLY, uncertainties, which started as a little worry here, a little stress there, begin to get worse, thoughts begin to race, and then one loses control of them. The feelings about everyday uncertainties intensify, and become more persistent. Emotions collide with hopes, you feel teary, as you SENSE that YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL; that you are no longer the captain of your ship. Then, you do what a captain may do when their ship begins to lose control; you PANIC, your heart races, sweat beads form. You are now even more out of control, even of situations that could have been salvage. Then, that feeling of worry, nervousness, unease about something with uncertain outcome (a.k.a ANXIETY) kicks in

Anxiety, caused by unbridled feelings of uncertainty moves one from feeling that the universe is their oyster, to feeling like an empty shell, beached by the merciless tidal waves of life. And, speaking of such waves …their cause? UNDERWATER earthquake or VOLCANIC eruption, comparable to OVERWHELMING MANIFESTATION OF UNRESOLVED INNER EMOTIONS, about things REAL or IMAGINED, causing panic attacks, and bouts of anxiety!


From feeling like a mover of mountains, to being unable to get oneself to shower, shoe, and show up may begin to be resolved in a few steps…

  1. Name your feeling: Define how you feel with no masks
  2. OWN your feeling: What you resist, persists. Accept and take personal responsibility of how you feel
  3. MOVE! Physical activity raises endorphins and serotonin levels to help you feel better emotionally. And when you feel better on the inside, your entire outlook improves. Walk, run. Dance. Move!
  4. Rest: Cumulative sleep deprivation is a vulnerability factor for anxiety. Get enough sleep
  5. Live in the moment, and identify the triggers to your anxiety
  6. Schedule right: Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Don’t wait for the motivation, cultivate the discipline! The hanging on of unaccomplished or half accomplished tasks can cause anxiety
  7. Let it out: Scream if you have to, talk to a trusted friend.

If you ever feel the need, see no shame in seeking help. Our professional coaches, therapists, and counsellors are always available. Feel free to get in touch by clicking here