However good we get, we can always get better, and daily raise into higher ideals, PERPETUALLY SHIFTING INTO HIGHER REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNES… …it is a good place to be; a state of CONTINUOUS SHIFTING rather than PERPETUAL SINKING. I have here collected little bites into what a SHIFT starter pack would look like, feel free to add what else you feel fits.


Majority of Stuff can be fixed, but only by those willing to pay the price Among the functions of the brain is to encode, store, and retrieve information. This memory function is important as retained information may guide and/or influence future action. Information acquired, stored and referenced in the future may also blind our eyes from everyday opportunities to be productive.


Stress …where the capacity building comes in More often than not, when the psychological construct; stress is addressed, rarely does capacity building feature as an antidote for the forever increasing stress levels in the personal, professional, corporate, and community worlds of the 21st century.

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