Not So Funny …time for a breather?

Let’s call her Leila Amenambo a.k.a Madam Amena.

A high-ranking human resource officer for an auditing firm. Medals. Awards. Accolades. All making her want more. Every day, she drops and picks her two kids at the junior section of Amana Group of Schools, an exercise she enjoys as a mother. Did I mention she is recently divorced? Yes, she is. So, the weight was squarely on her shoulders, but she carried it with poise, and grace, until she didn’t. Tonight, she finds herself with her peers, sipping some coffee.

Let’s call her Aaliyah Ali a.k.a ‘AA’.

A business mogul be all standards, and an exporter of electronics with a branch in every corner of her country. So, they are all laughing at AA. The previous day, she had called Madam Amena to ask her if she had forgotten her phone in her house when she had passed by for a cup of tea.  And what is she calling with? Her MISSING phone. Then there is a pause. “You know what Divas, this is not so funny. Maybe it is time for us to take a BREATHER” And so Madam Amena too decides to open up

She began with misplacing her keys. Missing an exit on the highway. Frequently finding her tea half-way taken when she had thought she had finished. But then, there was the funniest, or maybe not so funny. She had requested to have the kids dropped at the nearby hypermarket by their uncle. She found them at the agreed spot after picking some groceries. Then, she couldn’t remember where she had packed her car. They decide to have a car search game. The kids go in one direction, she goes in the other.  Whoever finds the car first calls the other. She does. By this time, her mind has wondered. She is on autopilot. Paying zero attention. She gets in the car and begins to drive off. On the side of the mirror though, she sees two kids chasing and shouting. She comes back to herself, halts to a stop, and with teary eyes, hugs the kids into the car. Silence fell till home. Story for another day

We all experience funny trips to moments of ‘unconsciousness’, trips whose cost is that we didn’t pay attention. Then we do some real funny stuff, until it is not. When you nearly burn the house because you forgot you had something cooking in the kitchen, when you overdose on your child on medicine because you forget you already gave them the day’s dose. When you burn your ears because someone called while you were ironing clothes! When you make the wrong transaction like buying credit when intended send money. When you make a call, and while the phone is ringing in your ears and waiting to be received on the other side, you don’t remember who and why you are calling.


Time to answer the call to conscious living