May 11, 2019

Forget competitiveness

I am in no way a millennial. I still own a Kodak camera that requires an exposure roll of flexible film which is later used to develop photos in a darkroom. To-date, I would rather a manual car than an automatic car, and the last time I saw someone with a selfie stick I wondered why a young girl, whose name I later learned was...
January 19, 2019

City Jam Lessons

The jam in my city is crazy, but once the traffic slows, and engines stall, your eyes are opened to other phenomena. Some road rage here, some impatience there. Then there is passive aggression. On the other lane, a beggar approaches a driver, and before they can declare their intentions, the driver is shaking their head to indicate they have nothing to offer today. The red break lights in the
January 12, 2019

Your mind

Among the functions of the brain is to encode, store, and retrieve information. This memory function is important as retained information may guide and/or influence future action. Information acquired, stored and referenced in future may also blind our eyes from...
January 10, 2019

Photography master

Its is 23rd of Dec, 20-something, and the Christmas mood, combined with my previous days event, and under immense peer pressure from Chelule et al., I end up in a photo studio sweating under camera lights and blinding flashes. We came here to...