A Call to Conscious Living

A guru once told me that life is the process of continuous becoming. When we let this process be a conscious and intentional one, we move towards mastery, but when the process is left on autopilot, we drift towards misery!

It is time to clear the fog through which we often drift, open our eyes, and with all we now are, ‘see’ and ‘feel’ who we are, where we are, and how we are in the HERE, in the NOW (please pause here for a few seconds)

(Breathe in slowly feeling the air flow into your nostrils into your lungs, hold and count from 8-1 as you slowly breathe out …8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Now Close your eyes and REPEAT 3 times)


Life happens at the speed of your level of consciousness

To be conscious is to slow down, and experience life as it happens; here and now. For example, to be present before a flower is t is to look at the flower and notice it is made entirely of non-flower(ly) elements. To BE FULLY PRESENT is to look into the heart of the flower and see the clouds, the sunshine, the minerals, the time, the earth and everything in the cosmos in it. To see the bee or butterfly approaching, and behold this theatre of nature in awe.

To live consciously is to not look forward to milestones, and appreciate moments

Never miss the wonder of BE-ing in the presence of a flower, of a child, of a lover, of a friend, in a bus, on a bike, or on your feet.  Seeing and feeling the rhythm of life through these, may awaken one to live in the moment. And while we all hope for beautiful times to come, may we be careful not to miss the beautiful moment that is NOW, then wish for it when it is PAST.

And again, we may we hope for a beautiful paradise to come, the idea is to not forget the beautiful paradise we carry within ourselves. For the other realm of being awakened, is to become constantly conscious of the magnificent universe within YOU.

And finally, when the time comes to bow out, may we die with amazing MEMORIES, not beautiful dreams. Because we lived consciously … INTENTIONALLY!