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Pay the price
August 25, 2019

Once in a while you wake up and realize that the reality of your life demands that you do something about somethings. That the current direction of your life may need some deliberate directing …and that is not even the main thing. The issue is, sometimes, often times we do not know the button(s) to press in order to achieve the kind of transformation we aspire and hope for, and with this state of affairs, we first feel stuck, then when that feeling isn’t checked, we begin to sink into heaps of unresolved issues upon heaps of internal struggles. I have been there, actually, we kind of are always in that state, of getting out of something and/or into something.

Y es, our century has experienced immense shifts in the way things are done we travel, communicate, transact, etc, ...and the one way to keep up with the demands of our time is a enter a place of continuous SHIFTing. Knowing that however good we get, we can always get better, and daily raising into higher ideals, PERPETUALLY SHIFTING INTO HIGHER REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNES…
…it is a good place to be; a state of CONTINUOUS SHIFTING rather than PERPETUAL SINKING.
I have here collected little bites into what a SHIFT starter pack would look like, feel free to add what else you feel fits...

1. S - SELF: When it comes to SELF, you are all faced with the choice of sitting in restricted cubicles, flushing the hours of your life down some social, corporate, or religious toilet or going against the grain to DEFINE and DEVELOP your TRUEST SELF! It is ascribing to the Shakespearenic philosophy of, “to thy own SELF, be true.” I have always asked my audience to name the best places to work in. The answers are as varied as my audience in the last few years. Only a handful ever said "the best place to work is at SELF" Yeah, that for me is the BEST PLACE TO TOIL!



People have been deluded by the idea of job security, higher salary and huge benefits, etc, which are okay, who doesn't enjoy that? But first things first; an investment in self is the best security since, by investing in your mind (reading, deliberate and continuous learning, emotional intelligence, people skills, etc), body (healthy daily practices and exercise) and soul (issues spirituality NOT RELIGION, but the ability to marshal peace within yourself; to know that no matter what happens, things somehow work out. To know that the universe is forever conspiring to help you, and finding the ways to align yourself with it, and learning to let go), then you SHiFT from looking for and waiting on outward resources to being resourceful by utilizing the many attributes you are endowed with WITHIN YOU... …and there is nothing as secure in our century as being resourceful.

After having to deal with the tragedy of colored papers and faded people, current investors are looking for individuals who have discovered and are illuminated by their unique internal spark/light, where previous investors looked for external paper qualifications whose light continues to dim in the gloom. At a cognitive level, investing in yourself is telling yourself and the world that “the value and potential I possess is important enough that I am going to give it the energy, space, and time to grow and create results.” …THEN, and this is a big then, the universe begins to reward your EFFORTS TOWARDS A BETTER SELF with amazing results. How well you IMPACT AND INFLUENCE SOCIETY hinges on how well you DISCOVER AND DEVELOP yourSELF!

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