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July 4, 2019
Pay the price
August 25, 2019

However good we get, we can always get better, and daily raise into higher ideals, PERPETUALLY SHIFTING INTO HIGHER REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNES… …it is a good place to be; a state of CONTINUOUS SHIFTING rather than PERPETUAL SINKING. I have here collected little bites into what a SHIFT starter pack would look like, feel free to add what else you feel fits.



I n one of those my lazy moments (and I seem to have a lot of them lately) I went on social media, and I have a recollection of a certain statement because of the weight of the truth it carried. A student asks a wise man and a philosopher to tell them which field of the professional undertaking would guarantee them a place in the success wagon in our shifting times. I imagine the wise man scratched his beards (aren’t all-wise men supposed to have white beards), and the response was, “that field is that of BEING A GREAT HUMAN BEING, there is no competition there.” And I totally agree. We are living in a time of emotional disconnectedness and internal discontentedness, leaving a great majority emotionally drained or internally empty. My sociology professor may have been joking when he said we are born as beings, but we must all grow to be human, yet that is such a serious joke that I have not heard anyone laugh about it. And before you become the first one, just think about it human have you been in your being? How many souls go to bed with a smile on their faces because of your selfless acts of kindness? Is there anyone anywhere whose path is illuminated by your HUMAN light? And have you made anyone’s burden lighter today?

“What does it mean to be human?” you may still be asking. If I may rephrase what I already almost said; “Today, and every day, be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved, be the reason why someone believes in themselves, and the goodness of people” And so the second way to staging a SHIFT is to REDIRECT ALL YOUR ENERGIES AT BEING HUMAN; caring about, empathizing with, putting on other people’s emotional boots, walking a mile in them, and GENUINELY BEING MINDFUL OF AND CAREFUL WITH HOW YOU MAKE OTHERS FEEL. Remember;

“People may forget anything you said, did or gave them, but they will never forget how what you said, did or gave them, made them feel.

I do not remember who won any of last year’s Olympic marathons. However, I still remember the Zhengkai International Marathon in China; Kenya’s elite athlete, Jacqueline Nyetipei Kiplimo, helped pass water to a dehydrated disabled Chinese runner, slowing her down, and costing her the first position and the $ 10,000 price money (And that was way back before Kenya owed china anything). She gave up winning to help a needy athlete. Yes, it’s not all about winning. She did not win the Gold, but she definitely has a Golden heart, and she won our hearts too. This act received more media attention that the winners of the marathon. The Sunny Skyz wrote:

‘This act of selflessness ultimately cost her the race, but her second-place finish will never replace the first-place finish she has in our hearts’



…be a brother’s and a sister’s keeper! Be deliberate on the ‘i-motions’; the internal movement of thoughts and feelings that you stir in others, for by them, you activate the ripple effect of the emotions that get stirred in you. This has a great influence on the direction your life flows. This concept is so profound that in the Christian religious literature, it is recorded that whatever is done genuinely and lovingly to another needy person, it is done unto God. I know we have conquered gravity to fly heavy crafts and the water to float high-density metal, but we need to frequently visit the earth and be human. As my brother, GG Muriuki once wrote; “curve out your name in people’s hearts, not on a tombstone. It is more satisfying!”

It starts with you, you could start today, now, with a text, a call, or undivided attention to someone seated next to you!

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