PDC Talks is an informative platform through which we educate, train,influence and engage with professionals from various fields.

1. Developing Personal and Corporate Potential

A critical thing every individual and/or institution can do to nurture and retain talent is to pursue personal development opportunities.

Your personnel needs to feel that their organization genuinely cares and is committed to supporting their professional advancement and even their personal growth. This can encompass anything from leadership training or building a new skill, to simply facilitating the personnel to pursue a passion that inspires them in and out of the workplace. Any person or corporation that invests in such pursuits of self or personnel development moves from surviving to thriving. At PDC, we endeavor to develop human capital beyond meeting expectations to creating memorable experiences for oneself and for the organization.


2. Personnel Training & Team Building

E very organization requires effective teams to thrive. An individual’s ability to work well in a team has been rated as critically important in the performance of any institution; corporate or otherwise.

The nature of interactions in a team affects the natural results of the larger group. To be able to take advantage of the amazing powers of cohesion, synergy and a shared vision, an organization or any other entity should ensure that its people are trained to be team players. This way, the human resource in the organization becomes effective, efficient, productive, and hence highly resourceful. The end result is increased productivity since team spirit multiplies the efficiency of every member. This is because its goals and desired outcomes are pegged on the diversity of skills, interests, and efforts.

One sure way to ensure that individuals embrace team spirit is through team building activities. At pdc, we are known for our team building activities that help individuals learn as they laugh. The activities are carefully and deliberately designed to be fun, and full of memorable corporate lessons.


3. Leading in the 21st century

T he modern day corporate world has changed.

Leaders are leading individuals exposed to so much information as has not happened at any other time. At PDC, we help you gain the dynamism required to be an influential leader in the knowledge economy environment.


4. Inspire / Challenge / Empower

T he modern day corporate world has changed.

In learning and religious institutions, PDC endeavors to help our clients understand and maximize their potential either as individuals or as participants in an institution.
This we accomplish through enlightening and intellectual Focused Group Discussions dubbed ‘#PDCtalks’ aimed at challenging participants to;

• Have a better perception of, and belief in themselves
• Understand and Maximize their innate potential
• Learn Performance Improvement Strategies
• Make the right career choices and career development decisions (career guidance)
• Avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure (peer education)
• Transit smoothly into high school, out of it high school, into college, the corporate world, and/or into business
• Embrace service to others (Leadership)
• Become enterprising and able to convert circumstances into capital (Entrepreneurship)

This will help them become productive members of society. We believe in the maxim, “change your thoughts, change your life” These forums, therefore, endeavor to set participants on a journey of positive mental shift, because when the mind changes, the man/woman changes. We believe that real change happens from inside out and not vice versa.


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