Pay the Price

February 22, 2021 by pdcadmin0
Today, I am a vender of good tidings, but one that comes with responsibility. You see, our century has taught us enough times that wo/men are created in the image of a creative genius, to creatively handle challenges as they arise. For example, the genius that is wo/man got a solution for the longitudinal and altitudinal space that separated geographical zones, and today, one can have breakfast in Budapest, lunch in Lagos and dinner in Doha.

Again, consider the case of conjoined twins, Patrick and Benjamin Binder (born February 2, 1987 in Germany) joined in the head, and who were separated at John Hopkins Hospital on September 7, 1987. The first twins to be successfully separated by neurosurgeon Ben Carson, of Baltimore, Maryland. Yes;
…history has shown us time and again that humans find a novel solution for every problem they devote themselves to solve..

HOWEVER, whether it is a man overcoming snowy seasons or conquering the moon, the narratives of the price that man had to pay are never told as often as the victories that followed. Consider for example that the Space Shuttle Challenger and Space Shuttle Columbia, the two space shuttles that had the worst space accidents, after disintegrating in space, with all crew members paying the ultimate price.

What is my point? Broke has a solution, poverty has a solution, unhealthy addictions are solvable, the loss can be overcome, relationships can be mended, the wildest dreams can be realized, all your hopes can be achieved, all broken stuff in your life can be fixed if you are willing to meet the threshold costs. But for those not willing to solve their challenges, they soon begin dissolving in them.

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